How To Become Taller – 10 Quick Ways

How To Become Taller - 10 Quick WaysAre you trying to figure out how to become taller, without having to rely on those useless height pills? If you are willing to work hard towards it, it will be easier than you think. Stop asking yourself, “How can I grow taller?” and follow these 10 ways now.

1. Do some stretches:

The first thing you should do when you get out of bed is to stretch. You can even do some of these stretches while still lying in bed – to help get your senses going. Extend your arms and legs outwards, as if you are getting your body pulled apart. This is a good way to get you ready on how to become taller.

2. Control your breathing:

It is good to work on your breathing when you wake up. What you should do is take in a slow, deep breath through your nose, and then let it out slowly through your mouth. Do this about 5 times to get oxygen circulating through your blood.

3. Get Some Sun:

If you did not know, sunlight helps our bodies produce vitamin D – a vital nutrient when learning how to become taller. After you wake up, go outside and bathe in the weak morning sun for a few minutes. You will feel your body getting revitalized.

4. Try Walking:

Now that you are fully awake, stretched and revitalized, you can do some exercise. Start off by going for a gentle stroll around the neighborhood. This is a great exercise that can be done at any time in the day.

5. Rub your pressure points:

After your walk, you should finish by rubbing and massaging some of your body’s pressure points to help release height growth hormones. This type of massage is considered both an exercise and a way to relax tired muscles as you learn how to become taller.

6. Stand/Sit Up Straight:

You should always try to sit or stand up as upright as possible. By pulling in your abdomen and puffing your chest out, you will strengthen your core muscles. And to maintain your posture, try keep your chin upright too – look straight ahead, and push your entire head back in-line with your spine. This is a great way how to look taller too.

7. Get enough rest:

After your exercise you may feel a little tired – that is fine, but make sure you get some rest then. Your body has refuel itself so that your muscles can grow and become taller. So whenever you feel tired – have a short 20 minute “power nap” and then get back to what you were doing.

8. Straighten your spine:

When you are lying in bed and are about to go to sleep, try lying with your back flat and your spine straightened out.

9. Keep hydrated:

It is important to keep your body hydrated, especially after exercise, so make sure you drink plenty of water throughout the day.

10. Avoid cigarettes and alcohol:

Finally, now is a good time to quit any bad habits, such as smoking and drinking. These habits release toxins in your body and can stunt your growth, so stay away from them if you want to know how to become taller.


  1. khawla

    salut ; je suis une fille de 17 ans j’aii une petiite taille est je ve avoire une grande taille comme toutes mes copine , je veux savoire est-ce-qu’il ya un médicament ou bien des vitamines qui nous aides pour avoire cette grande taille le plut tôt possible j’attend une reponse favorable est rapide sur ma boîte é-mail!!

  2. Han_Kanan

    Hi, i have new way to be taller by the korean yuga .
    1- sleep on ur face .
    2- ask some one to walk on ur back slow slow 50 .
    3- then ask him to walk slow slow on ur (Spine) = backbone Bs:not fat person 50 .
    4- ask him to walk on ur legs Don’t push the place near of ur Archetype.
    5- ask him to do Massage for ur all back ur legs ur top of hands(Shoulders).
    6- stand up and jump , run in ur palce Entertain your hands Stretched well ur foot too
    7- Bending down touch Your toes go back and Breathe deeply do that for 30 times .
    8- hold adoor or any thing hight and lift ur legs in the Air for 15 Minute .
    9- get down and sleep on ur back and open ur hands and ur legs ask some one to do massage for ur Joints of your body .
    10- stand up again and Sit and Stand fast for 10 times .
    11- befor all that u should know how tall r u , when u finish go and look how tall u r .
    12- u should Straighten your back , when u siting or walking , if u was writeing don’t Bow , if u wa sworking for long time in the Office , bow back bow to make ur haed touch the floor but if u can’t touch it its ok .

  3. emilyia

    awesome even though i havent tried it yet i’ll teel u guys after i actuallu try it.

  4. Sabhie


    I have two unique/strange but working ways!

    1. Hang on monkey bars for 10-20 minutes a day.
    2. Soak some dry chick peas in milk, and eat 1 on the first day, increasing your amount each day by 1.

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